Int. Porn Superstar, TV & GoGo Dancer, Stripper & Performer -men strippers-

Int. Porn Superstar, TV & GoGo Dancer, Stripper & Performer -men strippers-

Int. Porn Superstar, TV & GoGo Dancer, Stripper & Performer -men strippers-Int. Porn Superstar, TV & GoGo Dancer, Stripper & Performer -men strippers-Int. Porn Superstar, TV & GoGo Dancer, Stripper & Performer -men strippers-

Muy pronto de regreso a MEDELLÍN, Colombia. Comunícate para contrataciones. Wha

 Hola chicos 

Si quieres venir a estas fiestas exclusivas y espectáculos de sexo en directo para fans y tener la oportunidad de conocer a Milán Gamiani en la piel, haz un Whatsapp con tu nombre y día que deseas venir para añadirte a la lista, 

Hay sesiones 1 en 1 con Milan disponibles, puedes estar tú solo o varios.  

Las fiestas y Sexo en directo estarán actualizadas muy pronto.


No pierdas esta oportunidad de ver y estar con esta leyenda viviente del porno gay aquí mismo en Medellin! Whatsapp +1-305-610-3732 para agregar al Whatsapp tienes que escoger el pais “Estados Unidos “ en el sector de pais de el número de contacto y agregar 305 610 3732


Latest News

My Birthday Bash Oct 4, 2020

Last October 4, as I do every year, I celebrated my Birthday with a Big Bang at a Miami club, lots of guys came to join me for a fun filled night with all my buddies and friends, it was a great party and the best show in Florida! 6 amazing porn stars performed with me and joined all attendees on a massive scale fun for all, guys gone wild type of venue. Thank you to all that came!!

Nominations 2017/2018

Thank you all who voted for me, Milan Gamiani, on the latest awards I received from Ravens Eden Awards, I am honored to add the "Living Legend Award" & the  "Piss Pig of the Year Award" to my precious collection of incredible treasures, like the "Best Actor", "Best New Cumer", "Best Top", "Best Bottom", "Cock of the Country UK", "Best Gay Public Figure", "Best TV Personality" and many others from European Gay Porn Awards, Gayvn Awards, Hard Choice Awards, amongst a few other ones.

I am just speachless and incredibly thankful to all my fans and to all of the organizers for choosing me and awarding me for the work I have done since 2003. 

Thank you for your support & love, for been my fans, also, to all the studios I worked with, the directors, for which we got awards on the first place, thank you for your support & for believing in me.

Thank you to all for this incredible experience.

Milan Gamiani

Clothing Line Comming Soon

Like I designed once before, Super Milan is coming back to save every ones sex life once again. My comics and T-Shitrs, Underwear's and Jewelry collection are in the making and should be available online and in stores soon! Keep checking back and share the news! 


People contacted or arranged to meet through this or any other program, app, web etc, are connecting adults, exploring possibilities. No financial arrangement is ever for illegal or otherwise activities. 

You must be 21 YO in order to see this content or participate in any of it. 

You are also agreeing that you do not represent or are working with any law enforcement agency etc.

Thank you

Travel Schedule 2020



San Francisco Feb. 19 to March 2.

 Medellin March. 3 to 17.

 Ft. Lauderdale March 17-18-19. 

San Juan, PR March 28 to April 19.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida April 21 to May 15.

Atlanta, Georgia May 15 to June 15.

Berlin, Germany June 18 to 25.

Greece, June 25 to July 3.

Barcelona, Spain July 4 to 9.

London, England July 9 to 18

Ft.Lauderdale, Florida July 19 to 23.

Barcelona,Spain July 23 to August 10.

Paris, France August 10 to 20.

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From a calendar designed by acclaimed Photographer Alexi Arteaga


San Francisco Feb. 19 to March 2. 

Medellin March. 3 to 17. 

Ft.Lauderdale March  17-18-19. 

San Juan, PR March 28 to April 19, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia May 1 to 19, 2020

Greece June 25 to July 3, 2020

Barcrlona July 23 to August 7, 2020

What can I do for you?


We can arrange a variety of venues to attend and even plan. Please let me know what all are you looking for, and lets get you set!

 If you would like to have a venue designed and decorated by me, make sure you contact me to arrange that for you, have been a top designer for events for many years, you are in the best hands. 

Contact me via phone or media


+1 (917) 444-4050

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